Regional Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Development Program (REED) 

Innovation & Entrepreneurship have a better chance of growing to greatness if they are in a supportive environment. TempO’s REED program works with companies and regions throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia and the world to help communities enhance critical elements that support business creation and growth.

We work in the following ways:

Companies– We leverage TempO’s Business Opportunity Development process to help individuals and companies take business ideas, create offerings of value to the marketplace, and build high-growth sustainable businesses. It is based upon lean startup practices – building & validating business models, followed by agile development and deployment of product into the market.

Regions – We partner with regions to leverage existing work being done with entrepreneurs to identify regional needs, then helps enhance and develop an environment which encourages, retains and attracts innovation and entrepreneurship with the aim of growing local economies.  We use a “tactical” framework consisting of five areas: Idea Discovery & Generation, Start-Up Competencies, Execution Competencies, Capital Access & Formation, and Community Formation & Sustainment.

REED is looking for individuals, companies and regional leaders interested in growing their businesses and local economies. Innovators, now it is your time – you don’t have to move to Silicon Valley to get the support you need.  Interested – contact us by

Virginia REED (VA REED)

VA REED helps rural regions in the Commonwealth of Virginia regions grow their entrepreneurial capacity by providing rural companies and their associated regions with training, mentorship, and support.

The program utilizes material, processes, and staff created by the ODU-IIE TempO, in collaboration with interested regions to create and enhance their own capabilities. The program’s goal is to help create cross-region communities of entrepreneurs and vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystems.

REED International

A global outlook is an important element when businesses are truly looking to grow. Old Dominion University supports the development of entrepreneurship throughout the world. Our experienced staff has worked with budding ecosystems in places like Ukraine, Azerbaijan, and Thailand.

Rate My Region (Coming Soon!)

RMR is a simple, web-based tool for assessing five critical elements required for supporting entrepreneurship. It is tactical in nature, concentrating on things that can be done right now, in the short term, to move the needle. A simple snapshot provides insights on strengths and weaknesses so that ecosystem builders can focus efforts on the areas that will create the most benefit.   Interested – drop us a note