ODU TempOTempO: Opportunity Development – Your Success Is Our Business

You have a killer idea for a new product or service! But what do you do?

How do you build a business around it?  How do you make it a reality?  You worry about spending your business’ money, cashing in your retirement funds, or calling your friends and family. How do you up to your chances of success?

The TempO program is designed to get your new, high-growth, scalable business on its way. Our managed process provides both the pace and resources required for success.   The program turns ideas into solutions, and solutions into viable businesses.

The first portion of the program is Business Opportunity Development.   We help you create and validate a business model,  plan how to put it in place,  figure out finances and how to get funded and prepare your investment pitch. Once you are funded we help you assemble a team to establish and execute the business.  So, got an idea? Accelerate that idea by dropping us a note.