StartupREED is seeking participants for the winter-spring group of organizations to participate in the program and has secured seed funding to underwrite activities.

The REED Capacity Building Program – Business Opportunity Development helps entrepreneurship support organizations looking to enhance their capabilities to nurture business startups and grow local ecosystems by providing proven processes, materials, training, and mentorship around lean startup methodologies.

The program includes:

  • Working with the organization to identify and qualify an initial cohort of 4 to 6 companies
  • Working with the organization and the companies to create a business proposition of value to the market, create a valid business model for the opportunity, and develop the planning required to fund and execute the new business.
  • Providing the organization with access to the resources of Old Dominion University’s Institute for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, and participation in a growing network of similar organizations dedicated to entrepreneurship and economic growth.

Winter-Spring 2020:

We are accepting requests to join the program, which will launch in February 2020.


  • We are looking for established organizations such as incubators, co-working spaces, and others who are looking to add lean startup capabilities to their operations.
  • Candidate organizations should identify 4 or more candidate companies for the initial cohort. Due to the source of the seed funding, candidate companies must have some DoD connection – either as being a contractor or individual who depends on DoD for part of their revenue. We will consider companies/individuals at various stages of maturity.
  • The organization must provide working space, along with the necessary audio-visual support for the workshops and sessions.
  • The organization must provide at least one individual to be trained and mentored in how to run the lean startup facilitation process.


  • REED will pay a stipend to the hosting organization for recruiting and hosting, along with covering the costs of the REED consultant(s) who will lead the process.


  • REED will select 3 to 4 organizations for the program based upon the level to which they meet the requirements.

For information contact:

Steve Goad, Program Coordinator